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The global Coronavirus pandemic has put a standstill on the travel industry with grounded flights and country-wide lockdowns around the world. However the latest news for serveral days are comfirm that Medellín city has been successful in flattering the contagion curve against Covid-19. Tours and activities in the city are being given the green light to reopen (following local restrictions and safety measures), implement post-COVID-19 health and safety measures. Have signage reminding all staff about physical distancing with protective equipment including masks and gloves for employees.
Increase the availability of hand sanitizers and wipes. Institute a cleaning policy in order to frequently clean high-touch áreas and limit guest capacity to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Why Medellín?

Medellin is one of the most visit cities in Colombia with travelers coming from all over the world, either for vacation o business the city has great services and safety despiste the stigma of violent headlines and bad news. Why Colombia? are you going crazy? Pablo Escobar? Medellín is the second most important economy in Colombia, twice a year celebrates the largest fashion event in South America, climate is excellent called Eternal Spring, people are kind, friendly, calm and earned the title of resilience city, has one of the bigest football soccer team in Colombia and the most beautiful women, is a modern city with good public transport service; Metro, Tram, Metro cable and big buses are join the same system, Medellín is building tunnels to short distance to reach the beach in 4 hours.

Weather in Medellin

Medellin is known as the eternal spring for its perfect weather and climate during the hole year “clean sky” but you have to take into consideration that we have some raining days, specially between March-May and October-November, therefore you still need to bring: Hat, Cap, sun-screen, sunglasses, insect repellent, comfortable shoes, and sweater.

Places to visit in Medellin

Here your going to enjoy all tours, discover what to do in Medellin and the best tourist places to visit, also you would be able to learn and understand the diversity and local culture of the Paisa people.

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