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Medellin City Tours

tripadvisor and viator Medellín reviews

Virtual Tour

The global Coronavirus pandemic has put a standstill on the travel industry with grounded flights and country-wide lockdowns around the world. Therefore “Medellín And Experiences” decided to help travelers get through the boredom of self-isolation with a Free Tip Virtual Tour of Medellín. For one hour travelers have the opportunity to interact with a Bilingual local guide during a tour of the city, from the safety of home. According to the quality of the service offered by the tour guide travelers could leave a Free Tip at the end. This Tip will help the tour guide to overcome the Coronavirus lockdown.

Medellín Virtual Tour

Include history and talks about:

  • Pablo Escobar.
  • Medellín City.
  • Coffee Farm.
  • Guatapé Town
  • Give travelers a reason to come back to our city when travel resumes.

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Why Medellín?

Medellin is one of the most visit cities in Colombia with 1´250.000 travelers coming per year from all over the world, either for vacation o business the city has great services offer that accomplished all your requirements with plenty of stories and culture. On the other hand, you probably had mentioned this to your friends and families and not surprising their first impression are. What? Why Colombia? are you going crazy? Pablo Escobar?

City Tour Medellin

Is a Medellin day trip through the history and transformation of its working people in the last thirty years and the city innovation public transport that reaches the most marginalized neighborhood helpping us to move forward. This motivates locals and visitors to like more Medellin even though we still fight big problems like corruption and drugs.

Graffiti tour medellin

Comuna 13 is one of the 16 comunas of Medellín. it was considered the most dangerous neighborhood in the world for transporting drugs, guns, murder rates, daily chaos and residents who didn’t have much opportunities to get out of there, all this controled by the cartels, guerrillas and lack of presence from the government who also is reponsible for abandoned these neighborhood with a huge impact on people disappeared, psychological, emotional and physical ways.

Today graffiti tour medellin companies, Hip hop, break dance, rap and artists have become a great form of expression for residents and local families who became tour guide a key transformation to turned comuna 13 into one of the most safety place to visit nowadays. The focal point of a trip to the comuna 13 tour is the area around the electric stairs, graffiti, gastronomy and local people who provide color to life in marginalized neighborhood that are isolated from the city below.

Real City Walking Tour Medellin

This tour is great,  it’s a ral walking tour Medellin through the history and transformation of the city, where famous artist and local culture stand out to remember all city center past days and big moments that marked the Paisa culture.

The House of Memory is a museum that will blow your mind and would allow you to understand all sorts of acts, violence that Medellin and it´s people have come across in during the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Pablo Escobar Tour Medellin

Tour Medellin Pablo Escobar generate great controversy in the city nowadays, it´s amazing how someone who did a lot of bad and good things twenty years ago still dividing the city between those who like and hate him, somehow his name still causing good and bad opinion in the media which makes necessary to understand the history behind it and why the government call it Dark Tourism and narcotour medellin.

Pablo Escobar achieved to build thousands of houses, inaugurated soccer pitches and schools for children’s and at the same time committed the most frightfulness crimes we have ever seen in the city, during the 90s turned Medellin in to the murder capital of the world and today the city enter into a new age of transformation by leaving in the past Pablo Escobar mafia trades.

Coffee Tour Medellin

Coffee is well known around the world for its excellent taste and variety which makes necessary among all the Colombian Tours not to miss the opportunity  to learn how farmer work to developt the best beans that are been exported to great countries.

Now that you are here in the city allow us to share  the history behind it with an unique and authentic coffee tour, all differents processes to prepare a good cup of coffee and buy home-roasted coffee beans directly from the farmers.

Guatape day trip from Medellin

Tour Guatape from Medellin is one of the most visit attractions in Antioquia by tourists from everywhere, not to blame them for that and especially if they fall in love with a town full of colors, history, and warm people. All these things will make you come back again for the view from The Peñol Rock which could is considered one of the greatest views in the world.

Fruits Tour Medellin

Thanks to the tropical climate and great diversity of our city  through-hole year we can offer the world huge variety of flavors and colors from different sorts of fruits that you have never tasted or seen in the past.

The markets in Medellin meet the taste of all types of travelers who are looking for an opportunity to visit the local culture at a place packed with people and noise during the day in a much more authentic way, knowing and tasting typical dishes and living a different experience than the one lived at museums and monuments.

Weather in Medellin

Medellin is known as the eternal spring for its perfect weather and climate during the hole year “clean sky” but you have to take into consideration that we have some raining days, specially between March-May and October-November, , therefore you still need to bring: Hat, Cap, sun-screen, sunglasses, insect repellent, comfortable shoes, and sweater.

Places to visit in Medellin

Here your going to enjoy all tours, discover what to do in Medellin and the best tourist places to visit, also you would be able to learn and understand the diversity and local culture of the Paisa people.

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